7 Upcycled Hats to Keep You Warm This Winter


‘Tis the season for a nip in the air, frost on the ground, a dusting of snow and the howling of bone-chilling winds making their way through city streets. Most times in life cooler heads prevail, but in winter it's all about keeping the heat in. After crossing organizing your storage unit off your New Year's resolution list and purging unwanted clothing, pause for a moment. You just might be able to upcycle some of those clothing pieces into hats to keep your noggin toasty warm.

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1. Vintage-y types will love the look of flapper-inspired upcycled hats made from unwanted ties. Color-coordinate patterns and textures for a truly unique hat. Those who are fashion forward will appreciate the protection from wintry wind and falling ice while still making a fashion statement.

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2. This irresistible looking hat keeps the head and ears of your most precious family members warm and snuggly. For creative colors, textures, and fabrics, think twice before throwing out an old sweater or one that has seen its heyday come and go. You can watch your little pixie bounding through the snow drifts of your backyard and know they are toasty warm.

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3. If you're looking to sass up a dull existing hat in your closet, upcycle a scarf that has been lost at the back of your dresser drawer for the past few months. Add a pin or button to really finish the look.

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4. An alternative to a beanie or earmuffs is an upcycled turban-style headband. It is so simple to make these ear saving headbands that you will pinch yourself for not thinking of it on your own. All you need is a t-shirt you no longer plan on wearing.

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5. You know you're on the right track when you can upcycle a cardigan to create one of your own snazzy pompom hats like this one from Anthropologie. It's easier than it looks and the result is a super cute and warm upcycled hat for winter.

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6. Fedora fans can winterize the look by piecing together remnants of faux leather, tweed, and wool. This upcycled hat will handle any moisture that the winter season can throw at you.

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7. Sometimes you just want a relaxed look for the weekend. Enter the slouchy beanie. This upcycled hat is perfect for giving that favorite graphic tee that has seen better days a second life as headwear.

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