Reviews of This Facility

Really good customer service and facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

August 13, 2019

I’m so glad I found Cubesmart, it’s a great company and the managers and employees are really courteous and knowledgeable.

best storage in Merden

Star rating 5 out of 5

February 22, 2019

Great location and service. Very glad that I found this facility.

No issue facility

Star rating 5 out of 5

January 3, 2019

Facility was bought by cube smart and I've had cube smart from before. No issues at all.

Great storage facility!

Star rating 5 out of 5

December 1, 2018

We have been renting three units for years to store our community theater set pieces and props. The location is convenient, safe, well lite and is reasonably priced.