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There are infinite reasons why people choose to use self storage. Read below to gain an understanding of which type of storage will best suit your needs. CubeSmart® has locations throughout the United States with solutions for household storage, business storage and vehicle storage.

Household Storage

Household storage provides a solution to a number of self storage needs including: moving, making room for the in-laws, ancillary storage for apartment and small studio dwellers, and more. All of our CubeSmart self-storage facilities offer storage units that can be utilized for all of your household storage needs.

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Business Storage

Our temperature controlled storage units are great for storing supplies, excess inventory, and other office equipment. Business storage is also a great asset to sales representatives who need a temperature controlled, easy access space to store product samples and literature.

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Vehicle Storage

At CubeSmart we offer storage units and parking spaces for vehicle storage, motorcycle storage, and even boat storage. Our units also serve the needs of jet ski, ATV, and RV storage as well.

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